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Name: Ms P

Age: 67

Needs: Very Complex

Support Given: 24/7 Care in her home


How Supreme Support are helping:


Mrs P is a 67 year old lady with very complex needs. Supreme Support have been working with her for the last 7 years, enabling her to live independently in her own home.

Support is given with all aspects of daily life including personal care, bedtime care, household duties, meals and social activities.


Name: Mr C

Age: 24

Needs: Learning Difficulties

Support Given: Weekly social support


How Supreme Support are helping:


Mr C is a 24 year old male with learning difficulties. He lives at home with his parents.

Supreme Support visit him on a weekly basis and provide help and assistance with arranging and carrying out social activities. In the past these activities have included trampolining, horse riding, bowling, cinema trips, attending discos etc. Support has also been given to help Mr C be more independent by teaching core skills such as money handling, ordering food and connecting with the community.


Name: Miss R

Age: 52

Needs: Physical Disabilities

Support Given: Working alongside another care provider - twice weekly support


How Supreme Support are helping:


Miss R lives independently in her own bungalow. She currently has another care provider in place who provide her with the majority of her day-to-day care and personal requirements. Supreme Support visit her twice a week for social visits. These social visits enable her to leave her home and interact with the outside community.

Regular outings include; theatre trips, shopping and swimming. Allowing her some independence outside the home.


Name: Mrs S and Miss L

Age: 60+

Needs: Various

Support Given: Social - outside care home environment


How Supreme Support are helping:


Mrs S and Miss L are both residents in a local care home where they get the majority of their care. Supreme Support visit them as and when is required and take them out to access the local community (something they can only currently do in a group environment as and when possible). This allows them to mix socially at events they choose.

It also ensures they are meeting their own individual needs rather than in a group environment.


Name: Mr A

Age: 31

Needs: Learning Disabilities

Support Given: Respite care as and when required


How Supreme Support are helping:


Mr A is a young male adult who currently lives with his family. On occasion when they are not expected to be at home for a few days or weeks Supreme Support are invited to attend and help with his needs. This can include making meals, light household duties, ensuring safety and providing companionship both inside and outside the home. It allows the family to go away and relax, knowing that support is provided.